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27 congressional elections, has fueled all kinds of speculation about her country’s — and her own — future.

The Chamber of Deputies, also controlled by the president’s party and allies, approved it two weeks ago.And her four-week-long medical rest period would save her from the embarrassment of losing the congressional elections, since she won’t be able to campaign for ruling party candidates.Under this scenario, Fernández could win enough seats in Congress to remain a strong president until the end of her term, and perhaps become a powerful political figure beyond 2015, even if she can’t get reelected.They also differed widely on how long such patients generally need to recuperate — the Argentines consulted said she could be out from 30 to even 90 days, while U. She’ll be able to do any sort of activity,” he said.But Rubino, the chief of vascular surgery at the Fundacion Favaloro, where Fernandez remained in intensive therapy, stressed that confidentiality vows prevented her doctors from saying how long she might need to recover.“We can’t enter into details, but the information was absolutely faithful.

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Low official inflation historically kept salaries and consumer prices from going even higher, but now even close government allies demand pay hikes of 25 percent or more to match the price increases they see on store shelves.